Say Hello To Our New Website

Hooray! We have revamped our website.

We are so excited to announce that has been revamped. The new website is built on a WordPress platform and will boast impressive features including a live chat integration via Freshdesk.

So, why did we revamp? Because our thinking has changed along the way. And, as you think, so shall you become. The old website had more of a programmer feel to it. There was little text, zero images, a number of flat design illustrations and comical references that only other programmers or startups would relate to. It felt like living in Dustin Moskovitz’s dorm room for far too long. During that period of time, we thought differently, we acted (and reacted) differently. Now, the innocence is gone. And with that, goes the website.

The new website’s aim is to keep things simple and straightforward. It also incorporates real images. What’s more? The website looks good on smartphones and tablet devices too. Our thinking has been shaped by the stormy seas of account management. We’ve learnt a great deal on how to keep the customer happy and satisfied at all times. Our team has undergone several changes. We were once a 6-member team. We are now a 25-member family.

At A Slice of Digital, we continue to offer the following services: website development, eCommerce store development, web and mobile app development, digital marketing and digital advertising. In addendum, we also offer marketing and strategy consulting services for: (i) offline brands looking to jump on the online bandwagon, (ii) startups looking to find their footing, (iii) brands looking to renew their communication and, (iv) brands targeting new geographical markets and demographics.

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